Screenwriting is one of my major passions and creative outlets. After putting in many hours to learn the craft, in recent years I've gotten more serious about trying to land writing assignments and sell some of my original spec scripts.

My extensive background in hard science and technology makes Sci-Fi a natural fit for me, and I also enjoy writing in the Horror and Thriller genres. I focus on character first, lean more towards Egri than Aristotle, but ultimately feel that the most effective screen stories strike a balance between character and plot as the driving force (e.g. Fargo).


I mostly work on features, with a focus on Sci-Fi, Horror, and Thrillers... usually of the character-driven and psychological varieties. My main strengths as a screenwriter include:

  • New and unique spins on proven genres.
  • Lucid writing makes technical concepts easy to digest.
  • Realistic grounding of fantastical concepts for maximum dramatic effect.
  • Distinct and highly memorable characters from all walks of life.
  • Organic, non-formulaic use of Three Act story structure.

I am not overly precious about my writing. I take and implement notes well, and I pride myself on working hard and smart.

If you have a project which requires additional scientific and/or technological credibility, a more fully realized plot or characters, or simply an injection of originality to stand out in a crowded marketplace... then please consider me for the assignment.

Some recent recognitions for my screenwriting work:
  • Academy Nicholl Semi-Finalist, Quarter-Finalist, and Top 10% (three different scripts)
  • Semi-Finalist in Slamdance, Page, and Screencraft Horror
  • Scored 8 on The Black List
  • Screenplay Mechanic Lugnut List
  • Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
  • Creative World Awards Top Finalist
A brief selection of reader comments about some of my original screenplays...
Academy Nicholl Readers: "one of the more imaginative tales I have read in a while" ... "The writer has an interesting voice and keeps things both unsettled and moving forward" ... "explores a deep possession of psychological control while bringing you a main character with astonishing layers" ... "keeps you pulled in on all aspects and lets you enjoy the vivid story by providing you with page after page of quality writing"
Black List Readers: "written with an expert and confident hand" ... "manages to feel grounded despite high-concept, unexpected sci-fi turns" ... "characters jump off the page" ... "extremely distinctive roles that all have the potential to attract acting talent" ... "stands out for the strength of characters and the topical issues they face" ... "writer has such a good understanding of Sci Fi/Coming of Age/Action & Adventure that they're able to create a unique/high concept premise and place it within a grounded setting" ... "clearly illustrates the writer's ability to build a world and craft adrenaline-fueled set pieces"
Although I am mostly self-taught, I do have some formal education in the field:
  • U.C. San Diego: Film and Photography
  • U.C. Berkeley: Creative Writing
  • U.C. Berkeley Extension: Screenwriting
  • San Francisco Film Society: Screenwriting
For a current list of spec scripts and/or inquiries about assignment work, please contact me